Cyclone Marcus Course Cleanup

Due to extensive damage sustained as a result of CYCLONE MARCUS, the course it is now CLOSED until further notice
The course has been inspected by a team from the Match, Executive and Greens Committees.
The building appear in a serviceable state but the course is significantly damaged.
The greens appear to be undamaged.
Like the rest of Darwin and suburbs, the course has lost approx. 50% of our larger trees which now lay on various parts of the course.

All competitions are cancelled including the start to the internal pennants as the course cannot be played on in its current state. The aim will be to commence playing golf again as soon as we possibly can. In order to achieve this we need to as a minimum make the course SAFE and clear some of the fairways from smaller debris and branches.

Greg has volunteered to coordinate volunteers during the week on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday Afternoons to commence this clearing.
If you have any spare time/equipment please assist Greg where you can.
We need to have working bees for both Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th to get the fairways cleaned up if we are going to have any sort of golf next week,
these will start at 7.30 am each morning and finish later in the afternoon, so we need ALL HANDS ON DECK only if it is for a few hours each day.

If you cant work on the course we still need around the clubhouse cleaned up as well as the toilets and all the chairs placed back around the tables.
The use of CHAINSAWS can only take place by people with the correct tickets to be able to use one.
Most of the trees down require very heavy equipment.
If you have a ute/trucks and rakes and blowers please bring these to the working bees as they will be needed to assist.
Please remember to wear appropriate shoes and clothing when assisting.

Sandie and the ladies are once again asked to help with the catering of the working bees.
This is probably one of the biggest disasters the golf club has seen and once again I ask for ALL HANDS ON DECK the sooner we get the fairways cleared the sooner we play golf

Paul and Greg

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Welcome to RAAF Darwin Golf Club

Welcome to the RAAF Darwin Golf Club. The RAAF Darwin Golf Club is the premier Defence golf course in the Top End, providing golfing facilities for all members of the ADF community.

The course is also open to members of the public and provides a good opportunity for members of the ADF to interact with the community in a golfing and social setting. Come down to the club and play a high quality nine hole course then enjoy a drink at the clubhouse facility.

Dress regulations apply at the course: Collared shirt, fitted pants or shorts and covered footwear must be worn. (Singlets, collarless tshirts, football shorts or thongs are not allowed.) Headware is not allowed in the clubhouse.

For enquiries about membership, or playing opportunities, please contact the club on 8924 2535.
The office is open from 11:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 8am to 5pm on weekends. Email contact is available at

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