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Thursday, 8 November, 2018

Captains News

Hello Members

This Saturday is the Ladies Monthly Medal and Medal of Medals and the Men will be playing a single stableford. Best of luck to all golfers.

The Ladies had a mixed result last weekend at Pennants with a 4-2 loss on Saturday and a draw on Sunday.

This Sunday is a busy morning at the club. We have the Ladies Pennants at RDGC teeing off from 7.30am then there is a big social group from Kununurra teeing off at 10.30am. If there are any social players wanting to play Sunday morning you will need to have teed off by 7.15am or play after 11.30am.

Thanks to the members who are lending their carts to the group from Kununurra. This generous spirit goes a long way to making our club a great place to play at.

The working bees held on Saturday and Sunday were only attended by a few members. Thanks to Typan and the guys that turned up on Saturday after playing golf, you know who you were and you did a great job. The working bee on Sunday was when we required a lot of hands to clean, fertilize and sand the greens, after coring, however only 10 people turned up to do a massive job. Thanks to those guys for doing what we could before we got rained out at around 13.30pm.

The course was very lucky to be open this week, if it wasn't for these hard working members. Please remember that as a member of this club you are required to attend working bees if you are available. Don't leave it to the same familiar faces everytime. I know some members are away and some are not well, but we need more people to help out at working bees. Please read the section THROUGH THE GREEN in each ENews to see if Mark Walker needs any help or equipment.

Well done to Mouse Saynor for winning the Medal of Medals last weekend with a fine 63 nett. You did cause a bit of conflict during the event though, so I think your new nickname should be "Sand Bucket".

Presentation Night is Friday week. If you have already booked, your money needs to be paid by this Saturday. If wishing to pay via internet banking our BSB NUMBER IS Now 833-205. The account number remains the same.


Greg Worden


Match Committee Results

Single Stableford


Graded Field Report

Presentation Prize Report

Mens Handicap Changes

Ladies - No comp due to not enough players

Guzzlers Mug - Mouse Saynor

Badge Draw Winner - Dave Annesley

Mal Richardson - Jackpot Hole

2018 Club Calendar & Weekly Competitions.

Saturday Mens MOM and Monthly Medal (18 holes). AM and PM Fields

Tuesday. Vets (9 holes) tee off from 1400.
Thursday. PGA (9 hole Chook run) tee off from 1400 - 1630.
Sunday. PGA (9 Holes) 8am for 8.30am tee off

Upcoming Special Competitions

Through the Green

It was a poor turn out at the working bees over the past weekend with only 3 volunteers Saturday afternoon & 5 on Sunday to help with the coring / sanding of the greens. As a result, you will be playing off 5 temporary greens & 4 not finished off correctly. This will remain until they are fit to use again.

It's amazing how those members that always have a complaint or whinge about the greens never turn up to help. It's about time the club start's to enforce the volunteering part of everyone's membership. The same people for the past 3 years have turned out to core, so take a good hard look at yourselves & do something for your club.

Mark walker

Volunteer News

Thank you to ALL the volunteers who worked on the course this week.

Reminder that it is a condition of ongoing Honorary membership that you contribute to the club. Volunteering at working bees is a great way to contribute, meet other members as well as assist in completing much needed maintenance for the club, without which our club cannot survive.

Order Of Merit 2018

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Thanks to John Silva and NT Retail Technology for their continued support.

Eclectic 2018

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Come and enjoy a Thursday afternoon at the Burglars "Chook Run"!!. Burglars is a fun 9 hole Stableford comp playing either the Front or Back 9 course (alternating each week). Players scoring 18pts or above win a chook and if you are no good at golf - you could win one in the raffle!!

$7 entry fee includes the comp, NTP prizes and the raffle. Full bar facilities available. Tee off between 2pm and 4.30pm every Thursday - no booking required. (Also open to non-members or people without handicaps). See Dave Price or Billy Elliot for more details.

View Burglar Results


Come and enjoy a Tuesday afternoon at the Vets "Bunnings and Back" comp. Vets is a 9 hole Stableford comp for over 50's golfers using a composite tee format. (i.e. the shortest route around the course). $5 entry fee allows for chance to win a sleeve of balls and NTP prize with after comp snacks provided. Bar facilities available. Tee off between 2pm and 4pm every Tuesday. No booking required. See Dom Tartaglia or Pete Southon for more details

$7 entry fee includes the comp, NTP prizes and the entry in the raffle. Full bar facilities available. Tee off between 2pm and 4.30pm every Thursday - no booking required. (Also open to non-members or people without handicaps). See Dave (Bargain) Price or Billy Elliot for more details.

View VETS Results

Just for Laughs

Pay your Respects

Four retired men play golf together once a week for many years. One day on 13th hole that runs along Bagot Road, a funeral procession drives by. One man says to the others, "Stop and remove your hats, show some respect."

After the procession has passed, one of the other men asked him what got into him. "I have never seen you show anybody any respect."

The first man replied: "Well, I was married to her for 65 years." !


If you think you play better golf with a hangover - then PGA may be for you! Every Sunday morning they play a relaxed 9 hole stableford comp. $5 entry, but be prepared for the round table "Fines Session" after the game. Good fun and banter is assured especially after a few mandatory drinks. Members, non-members and non-handicapped players are welcome. 8am for 8.30am tee off. No booking required. See Stuart (Uncle) McPherson for details.

Tips to improve
pace of play:

• Keep up with the group in front - if you lose sight of them, increase your pace of play;
• Keep an eye on the group behind - if they are always waiting, increase your pace of play;
• Check the score card for the estimated tee time for each hole to see if you are on time or not;
• Limit practice swings and time taken for each shot. (none of us are on the PGA circuit!!)
• Watch where your ball goes and pick a landmark to help locate it;
• Ask someone else to watch your shot if you are unsure where it may go;
• Play a provisional ball if you are AT ALL unsure if you will locate the ball;
• Look for and find a ball within 5 minutes - no more!
• Start walking towards your ball once you have hit it (if prudent to do so);
• Move to next tee block once you have holed out - don't wait for all other players to hole out;
• Tee off before marking score card;
• Walk purposefully.
• If you are having major difficulties, let the group behind play through.


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