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Wed, 15 Nov, 2017

Captains News

Presentation night is this Friday night... See you there!!

There will be a working bee on Sunday for coring.

Now that the Wet Season has started producing rain on a regular basis, it is important that everyone become familiar with our wet weather procedures, regarding the suspension of play in stormy weather where lightning is present, or if the level of rain becomes significant enough to make the course unplayable.

Should there be a stoppage in play relating to either of these, loud blasts will be sounded from an air horn and someone will come find you to make sure you've heard it. You are to mark your ball where it lies and proceed back to the clubhouse for further instructions.

There were some excellent results in External Pennants on the weekend with RAAF RED picking up two wins, RAAF BLUE a win and a draw and the LADIES a 5-1 win. With this win, the Ladies are currently running second and the final placings will be determined by the last match on 25 November.

I urge you all strongly to support the Pennants sides, 1- you just never know when you will want to play and 2- the competitions are the only ones in the club where RAAF is represented on a constant basis. (With the exception of Vets at AVGA) The Pennants sides generate a lot of extra bar takings and exposure to the club and their members always represent the club in the right fashion. As always,

Happy Golfing,


Match Committee

Results - Stableford and Ladies Monthly Medal


Full Field Report
Presentation Report
Handicap Changes


Field Report
Presentation Report
Handicap Changes

Badge Draw: Earl James

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9 November 2017 Burglars Results

Burglars Christmas Event 3 December. Click on the link below to download the PDF for details.

Download Burglars Christmas Event Details PDF


RAAF Veterans Golf 31 October 2017

2017 Club Calendar & Weekly Competitions.

Tuesday. Vets (9 holes) tee off from 1400.
Thursday. Burglars (9 hole Chook run) tee off from 1400 - 1630.
Saturday. Single Stableford Guest Day (18 holes). AM and PM Fields

Please click on club logo to the left to access the RDGC webpage, then click on the Events tab to view the 2016 Club Calendar.

Through the Green

Thanks to everyone that worked on the course this week. (Pete, Billy, Andy, Don and Michelle) Working Bee on Sunday 19th 7.30am start. Many hands make light work so please come and give a hand to improve YOUR course!!.

Need a few people for 2 hours from 3.30pm on Saturday to remove cores (not sanding). Please leave your name on the sheet at the bar.

Cheers Mark Walker

Volunteer News

Working Bee Sunday 19th November. Coring and sanding greens.

Reminder that it is a condition of ongoing Honorary membership that you contribute to the club. Volunteering at working bees is a great way to contribute, meet other members as well as assist in completing much needed maintenance for the club, without which our club cannot survive.

Tips to improve pace
of play:

• Keep up with the group in front - if you lose sight of them, increase your pace of play;
• Keep an eye on the group behind - if they are always waiting, increase your pace of play;
• Check the score card for the estimated tee time for each hole to see if you are on time or not; • Limit practice swings and time taken for each shot. (none of us are on the PGA circuit!!)
• Watch where your ball goes and pick a landmark to help locate it;
• Ask someone else to watch your shot if you are unsure where it may go;
• Play a provisional ball if you are AT ALL unsure if you will locate the ball;
• Look for and find a ball within 5 minutes - no more!
• Start walking towards your ball once you have hit it (if prudent to do so);
• Move to next tee block once you have holed out - don't wait for all other players to hole out;
• Tee off before marking score card;
• Walk purposefully.

Captains Meat Raffles

The Captain's Meat Raffles are held for each Monthly Medal round. The more tickets sold the more $25 meat vouchers will be raffled. The raffle will be held after presentations so stick around for the draw.

Tickets are available at the bar during the day and will be drawn before presentations. Winning vouchers are available for collection at the bar.

100% of profits go toward funding for the RDGC Men's and Ladies External Pennant Teams

Golf Rules - True of False

A player is entitled to change clubs during a round if the grips become wet FALSE A club is unfit for play if it is substantially damaged, not if the grips are slippery.

A player addresses his ball in thick rough and the ball immediately moves. The player incurs a penalty of one stroke and must replace the ball TRUE IThe player has caused the ball to move and is in breach of Rule 18-2.

Play the ball as it lies,
play the course as you find it,
and if you cannot do either, do what is fair.
But to do what is fair you need to know the Rules of Golf.

If you wish to improve your rules knowledge, these questions and many, many more are available online at the Royal and Ancient website (also available as an app for smartphones). Click on the R&A logo to access the R&A webpage and rules quiz. Rule Books and quick guides are freely available at the clubhouse and should be carried when playing.

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